Thinking Day Plans are Coming Together…

Tie in the Theme

This year, the Thinking Day Committee has decided to tie our event much more closely to Girl Scouts’ World Thinking Day. The theme for World Thinking Day is “Environmental Sustainability.”

This year, we would like each Troop to consider environmental efforts of the country that they choose, and incorporate it into their presentation of the country. They might consider items such as power, water conservation, recycling, or other environmentally conscious activities that the country is known for.

Format Changes

In our interest to streamline this event, and not over-run our 90 minute time allotment, we are revising the program and the format.

This year’s event format will focus on what the Troops learn about their countries. Each troop will present their country on stage as a group. That presentation may include posters, costumes, a skit, a song, a game, a slideshow and anything else that they would like to do—in 5 minutes.

Between Troop presentations, there will be educational moments about environmental sustainability, local Girl Scout environmental projects, songs, and more. Our goals are to give the Troops an opportunity to educate their audience, to have fun, and to learn more about what the other Troops are doing.

Here is a list of some of the changes we’d like to bring your attention to:

  • We are starting presentations later this year to allow the scouts an opportunity to eat before they arrive. Please emphasize that your Troop needs to eat dinner prior to arriving to Thinking Day.
  • Since it is difficult for smaller troops to have scouts traveling from booth to booth and presenting at a booth too, we have decided to eliminate Troop booths.  This year’s program will be 5 minute troop presentations with interactive activities between Troops. With the elimination of booths, there will be no food.  With an emphasis on Environmental Sustainability, this will minimize trash and waste, keeping us in the program theme of  Thinking Day. If you wish to showcase food from your country in your presentation, we encourage you show pictures during your presentation and distribute recipes with your swaps.
  • This year’s “parade of countries”  will be incorporated into the Opening Flag Ceremony. One or two girls from each Troop will carry the flag during the Opening Flag Ceremony.  The flag should be large enough to be easily seen, 2′x3′ or larger.
  • Since we will not have booths this year the passport and voting will not be necessary. WE WILL CONTINUE TO SHARE SWAPS.  We know the girls love the swaps and would not dream of stopping this long loved tradition.  After the closing ceremony, we ask that your troop have one or two adults distribute swaps as the girls leave.  Since troop leaders are already very busy please choose two non-leaders to be your swap distributors.

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  1. Posted by stacey moore on November 15, 2011 at 6:23 am

    this is awesome..thanks for all the great info I am going to print off the history page to give to the parents of the girls in the troop to help them better understand if thats okay with you? – we have a troop meeting tomorrow and I plan to take a kids map of the world so the gilrs can help choose a country :))

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