Registration Form Online

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas everyone!

I put the registration form online this morning for everyone. It is the same form that Sulema sent out in November; nothing on it has changed. I simply forgot to upload it. OOPS. Since no one has asked me for the form, I’m probably good… right?

You can download the form [HERE] or on the Country Sign-up page.

I’m sure that very few of us are planning Thinking Day during the last two weeks in December, but if prior experience counts, leaders are in full swing the first week of January. A few dates to remember:

  • February 1: Sign-up and registration closes for Thinking Day.
  • February 10: The program closes. That means that if your Troop volunteers to carry flags or participate in some way in the program after that date that it will not be mentioned in the program. No exceptions, so please plan accordingly. I will post the program proof on this website so that everyone can see that names are spelled correctly, see that their countries are correct, and what order things happen in.
  • February 20: The program will go to print. If you have not made comments or changes by the time the program prints, it will be too late.

Our Thinking Day committee will be meeting again after Christmas as well, so I’m sure there will be much more to share with you about our plans. Until then, we hope you enjoy a peaceful, loving, splendid holiday season with all of those that you hold dear.

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