Happy New Year everyone!

Are you getting excited about Thinking Day?! At least for my Troop, we start working on Thinking Day activities in January. We’ll be learning about Iceland this year, and concentrating on energy sources so that it ties in with our Junior Journey, “Get Moving.”

What’s a swap??

The tradition of exchanging keepsakes started a long time ago when Girl Scouts and Girl Guides first gathered for fun. They would exchange these types of objects, and called them “swaps.” It stands for “Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.” Now you know!

We’ll be brainstorming ideas for some cool swaps for Thinking Day. Maybe a sparkling fish to represent ice fishing, a pinwheel to symbolize wind power, or maybe even an icicle. Hmmm. The possibilities are endless! Swaps should tell something about the Thinking Day country. Here are some tips from the Girl Scout website:

Let the girls decide.

  • Girls should think about the kind of swap they would like to receive from someone else.
  • Try not to spend a lot of money. Consider making something from donated or recycled material.
  • Be creative, and take time to make hand-crafted swaps. (Include directions for making the swap if it is a craft project that can be replicated.)
  • Try to have one swap for each event participant and staff member.
  • Plan ahead so there’s time to make the swaps.
  • Make swaps that can be worn, used, or displayed.
  • Make swaps portable. Remember: Swaps must be carried or shipped ahead to the event, where other girls will be carrying them away.

If your Troop is struggling with ideas, here are a couple of links to swap ideas for you to peruse.

If you have a great idea for a swap project, or a great resource, please leave a comment and share it with us!


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