No Food at Thinking Day

Just a reminder, because I’ve gotten some questions from new leaders this year. Food has been eliminated from this year’s event. Please make sure that your girls have eaten BEFORE they arrive for Thinking Day.


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  1. Posted by kellee hutchinson on January 19, 2012 at 3:51 am

    Ok. This is my first time doing the Thinking day. My girls have never been interested in doing it. So when we do it Do we make it according to the topic of this years Thinking Day.

  2. You **can** make it about this year’s topic, but you don’t have to. Thinking Day should be about what the girls learn about their country. If you can and want to weave in the main theme, please do. But sometimes, the girls just aren’t interested in it. And that’s fine too. I’m much more interested in the girls having a good time, and learning new things that they can share with other Girl Scouts.

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