Please, please, PLEASE turn in your registrations!

Leaders, we are trying very hard to get the details finalized for Thinking Day. Several of you told Carrie Hallquist at the Service Unit meeting last night that you intend to come to Thinking Day. Please download the registration form [HERE], fill it out, and mail it with your check, payable to Troop 3530 to:

Jane Winslow
338 Riverwood Street
Richland, WA 99352

Several Troop leaders have asked who will be doing what at Thinking Day. As we are missing 6-8 registration forms, it is quite difficult to make plans. Right now, we are leaning toward:

  • One girl from each Troop participating in the Opening Flag Ceremony, plus 2 girls from each Troop to hold their Troop’s country flag.
  • All of the Daisies leading the Pledge of Allegiance. (Those who are not already holding flags.)
  • All of the Brownies leading the Girl Scout Promise. (Those who are not already holding flags.)
  • All of the Juniors leading the Girl Scout Law. (Again, those who are not already holding flags.)
  • PAs (Program Aids) will be doing all of the “Did You Know” facts between presentations. Please email 3-5 facts about your country, environmental sustainability for your country, or just interesting things about your country to We are preparing the facts for the PAs.
  • We have not decided about the Closing Flag ceremony just yet.
  • One parent from each Troop—NOT the Troop leader—will distribute SWAPS at the end of Thinking Day. The leader should herd her girls through the line.

Our goal is simply to involve as many girls at all levels of Girl Scouting in each portion of Thinking Day. Of course, we cannot hope to practice any of this, so we thank you in advance for your help and in identifying girls that can participate as outlined above. If you can make these decisions in advance within your Troop, we would really appreciate it.

Thank you Troop leaders!

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