2012 Theme

Environmental Sustainability

What is environmental sustainability?

When something is sustainable, it can keep on going without running out of resources, like a circle. A sustainable environment can support everything that depends on it for life without using up resources, like forests and water, that can’t naturally be restored.

It’s up to us to protect environmental sustainability. All we have to do is

  • leave the world better than we found it
  • take no more than we need
  • try not to harm the environment
  • make amends if we do

Unfortunately, our use of the environment isn’t sustainable at the moment. Many of the world’s environmental problems, such as climate change, can be linked to the fact that humans use more resources than the earth can provide. Today, it takes the earth one year and six months to restore what humans use in a year. We fill the gap by using up resources that can’t naturally be restored in our life time, like cutting down forests that will take hundreds of years to grow back and polluting the land and water, which kills plants and wildlife. This can’t continue forever. The only solution is to reduce the impact humans have on the planet to sustainable levels. By working towards a World Thinking Day badge you will explore ways of “treading lightly” on the planet and learn how you can make a difference to the environment.

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